How To Set Up Sony VAIO Remote Keyboard For PS3

Remote Keyboard (download) for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) establishes a Bluetooth wireless connection between your computer and the console so you can use the computer keyboard or touchpad to operate the system. This allows you to do cool things like: find photos, video and music files in seconds; enable more precision and speed in online gaming sessions; makes inputting text and surfing the internet on the PS3 system much easier and quicker. See all applicable models and operating systems. See all applicable models and operating systems, and don’t be afraid to try it anyways if your Sony VAIO model isn’t listed as compatible.

  1. On the computer, click the “Start” button and then click “All Programs”.
  2. At the “All Programs” menu, click “PlayStation Tools” and then click “Remote Keyboard with PlayStation3”.
  3. At the “What is Remote Keyboard with PlayStation3?” screen, click “Next”.
  4. Turn on the Bluetooth adapter in the computer.
  5. Note: For information about enabling the Bluetooth adapter, please consult your computer manual.

  6. At the “Before establishing Bluetooth connection” screen, click “Next”.
  7. Note: If prompted for an administrator password or the “User Account Control” screen is displayed, type the appropriate password, or click “Yes”.

  8. At the “Register Bluetooth device on the PlayStation3 system” screen, leave this screen on the computer open and go to the PlayStation3 system.
  9. On the PlayStation3 system, navigate to the “Settings” menu.
  10. At the “Settings” menu, navigate to “Accessory Settings”, and then press the “X” button.
  11. Select “Manage Bluetooth Devices”, and then press the “X” button.
  12. At the “Manage Bluetooth Devices” screen, verify that “Yes” is selected, and then press the “X” button.
  13. To start scanning for Bluetooth devices press the “X” button.
  14. At the “Select the Bluetooth device to register” screen, select the computer keyboard and then press the “X” button.
  15. When the Pass Key is displayed, use this number in the next step to register the computer.
  16. IMPORTANT: You will have 30 seconds to enter the pass key number on the computer and complete the next step. Otherwise you will need to repeat this step.

  17. On the computer, in the “Enter pass key on this computer” screen, type the number displayed on the PlayStation3 screen, and then click “Register”.
  18. When the registration is complete, the PlayStation3 system will display “Register completed” and the computer will display “Connected to the PlayStation3”.
  19. You can now use the keyboard and touchpad on the computer to control the PlayStation3 system.

Originally found on Sony’s eSupport site article, “Remote Keyboard with PlayStation 3.”

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