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Allen has fond memories of buying his PS1 a day early at Target and playing for nearly 16 hours straight (which he will enumerate in great detail, so we urge you not to ask him about it if you have plans that day). When he is not playing a Network Tech on Television (day job), he is secretly scouring the internet, searching for good tech content, finding out what's new in the world of Sony and trying to sneak into the Sony mail room with Christopher MacManus. Probably the team pop culture/comic geek, he's more than willing to engage in a logistical conversation on why Buffy Summers could easily beat Blade, and why the Hulk beat the Sentry hands down no matter what anyone says. He finds Sony to be a truly innovative, visionary and industry leader in all the spaces they reside in. A firm believer in his take off of the Oracle of Bacon he calls "The Six Degrees of Sony", he firmly believes that Sony is at the center of just about everything tech related, and at the very least their involvement can be clearly identified by simply taking a look. While he admittedly owns many Sony products, he will gladly tell you the research he has done to support his decision. A big PS3 fan, he is glad Sony chose the Cell processor, and can't wait to see what develops over the 10 year lifecycle of the console. With the goal of someday working for Sony in either a tech or transmedia type position, he is not Sony "fanboy" as the term goes, but he does believes they are the bar against which everyone is measured and feels that's an excellent place to be in.

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