Firmware 3.41 Arrives for PS3

Firmware 3.41 for the PS3 is now available, and it includes a new type of recommendation system for videos and games on the PlayStation Store.


If you’re browsing through the store and looking at information on a game or video, a new option on the right hand side is available entitled “You May Like”. This is based upon data crawled from other user’s who purchased similar content.

Also, according to an analysis on the new firmware by CJPC on the PS3 News Forum, the new patch is only about 40 MB, and is an incremental update.

What’s nice about Sony now using this feature, is that instead of having updates in the range of 100-200 MB each time, they remain much smaller and only provide the new functionality needed. Given the new auto update feature in PSN+ this is less data for users to download, and could cut the update time in half.

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