SonicStage 3.3 Arrives: A Reformed ATRAC Is Born

To the surprise of the staff here and most of the community, SonicStage 3.3 has been delivered via official Sony resources.

The most stable and steadfast download location is at ATRACLife Downloads ( You may optionally download it from: or review regional download links here:

New features include:

  • Dynamic Playlist is available.This allows you to select genres and artists of tracks and to specify the order of tracks to display, to make Playlist by Date Imported/ Rating/ Playback Count/ the Number of Transfer and the Number of Tracks/ Playback Time/ File Size, dynamically.
  • New Playlist updated on My Library renews existing Playlist on an ATRAC Audio Device, transferring the Playlist to an ATRAC Audio Device.
  • Ripping an Audio CD in ATRAC Advanced Lossless (AAL) format is available.
    According to new audio-compression technology, an Audio CD can be recorded into My Library without any sound degradation. And this new technology allows to record an Audio CD with the size of 30~80 percent with ATRAC3 or ATRAC3plus current audio-compression technology, in order to keep compatibility with current devices.
  • Ripping an Audio CD in WMA format is available.
  • ATRAC3plus 352kbps
  • “Album Jacket/Cover” view in Device Transfer window

As mentioned before, ATRAC Advanced Lossless has been introduced. There are four bitrates: 256, 132, 128 and 64kbps at normal and high quality settings. When converting from CD to AAL, you can choose from one of those four bitrates. AAL cannot be transferred over to an exising ATRAC device; it will be converted to ATRAC3plus 256kbps.

To further expand on the aforementioned *.wma support, a screenshot has been provided:

Note: Another nice feature from SonicStage 3.3 is the option to transfer your ATRAC tunes as ATRAC3plus 352kbps to all existing ATRAC3plus capable units – that includes 1st and 2nd generation Hi-MD units and all known ATRAC3plus capable Network Walkman devices, VAIO Pocket and the PSP.

The following screen captures ( depicts the option to use ATRAC3plus 352kbps in the “Transfer Window.” “Album Jacket/Cover” view is also a new feature as shown in Device Transfer window. *The device used during this transfer was the VAIO Pocket.

In addition to a new ATRAC3plus 352kbps bit rate and the advent of the ATRAC Advanced Lossless format, SonicStage 3.3 allows the user to determine ratings of each music track.

SonicStage 3.3 Module Version

SonicStage :
SonicStage Add-on for Personal Audio Download :
OpenMG Secure Module :
MagicGate Memory Stick Device :
NW-E2, NW-E3, NW-E5 and NW-E8P :
OpenMG CD :
M.S. PRO :
CD Walkman :
Hi-MD :
Music Clip, NW-S4, NW-E7 and NW-E10 :
Net MD :
EMD Plug-in:
CD-R Writing Module(Audio CD/ATRAC CD/MP3 CD) :
Px Engine:


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