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Did you know that prior to this posting, there was no official representation for Sony on Facebook? While that may not seem like a big deal, it actually is disappointing. Facebook’s Senior Platform Manager, Dave Morin, announced a few days ago that Facebook now has 100 million users. That’s 100 million people that Sony wasn’t able to reach out to before. So on unofficial behalf of Sony, I have created a general facebook group named Sony that fans and foes can join to discuss the brand. It boggles my mind that Sony didn’t do this long before I did – it’s completely free and is a comfortable environment that consumers can use to discuss the brand. While I don’t expect it to become extremely successful, I feel better knowing its there.

Click here to view and/or join the Sony Facebook group.

Then I ask myself, “Why would you feel better knowing it’s there?”

Haven’t figured that out, yet.

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