Blu-Ray Releases for 2nd September 2008

So here we go again with the weeks Blu-Ray disc releases. I know this isn’t strictly Sony news, but as a movie freak I enjoy finding out what new releases are coming up when and where. As you’ve maybe gathered from my previous posts there are often quite a few quirks with BD releases being released at different times in different regions or even on different dates within the same region. Releases usually happen on different days in different countries too (Monday in the UK, Tuesday in US).

Take for example this week; The big release in the US on the 2nd September is the Transformers 2-disc set. UK fans will have to wait until next week to get their copy. However Jerry Maguire came out yesterday in the UK but doesn’t appear until next Tuesday stateside. Fascinating stuff huh…

Anyway, apart from Transformers there wasn’t a whole lot that took my fancy this week in any region. UK fans might want to import the US release of Married Life as this is still showing in theaters in London and won’t be out for sometime yet. This release is region free so you should have no trouble viewing it in Europe.

Fans of Arnie and / or Clint can expand their collections with either Eraser or Every Which Way But Loose. Eraser is confirmed as region free and Every Which Way.. should also be too as it comes from Warner who to date have released everything as region free.

Here’s this week’s US releases in full courtesy of HiDefDigest:

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