Sony Announces Minis – Smaller, Downloadable Games For The PSP


With the success of the iPhone’s App Store, software developers worldwide have taken notice to “bite sized, snackable games.” Sony has announced Minis for the PSP, which are smaller games, taking advantage of the smaller development cost on the PSP. These games will be exclusive to the PSN Store and will have a 100MB size limit. Sony has reported that 15 new games will be available at launch on October 1st, with 50 titles overall throughout 2009. Some example games include Tetris, Fieldrunners, Hero of Sparta, and MiniGore, all popular games on Apple’s App Store. This is obviously a power play to court more developers for the PSP and finally counteract the runaway success of mini games that have been exploding in popularity in the USA.

* – Image used in this story is not an actual “Minis” screenshot.

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