Sony Updates PS3 To Firmware 3.0


Sony has officially released firmware 3.0 for the Playstation 3. I’ve already loaded it on my PS3 and it is silky smooth. There are some interesting changes across the system, and things definitely feel snappier. They were already quick before, though. I like the new logo at the start up, you can really see that Sony has solidified this rounded PS3 font as the future branding. The new animated themes are pretty cool, with the default being the first thing you see upon loading in. Of course Sony has the LittleBigPlanet “Dynamic Theme” for sale in the Playstation Store already. It will be interesting to see how many Dynamic Themes are on the way, and if they can have at least a dozen or two available by the holidays. Here are several changes that have been reported:

System changes

  • The system startup has been slightly redesigned.
  • [Information Board] replaced by a [What’s New] feature.
  • When the system is started it will display the [What’s New] screen by default instead of the [Games] menu.
  • A [Status Indicator] added to the top of the screen showing the user’s online status, the number of friends online and an icon indicating if there are unread PSN messages.
  • The swirling activity indicator has been redesigned and now looks like an analog clock
  • The [Friends] list has been redesigned.
  • Messages from a specific person will now be accessible from that user’s profile screen.
  • BRAVIA Sync allowing control of the XMB by BRAVIA TV remote control. (120GB PS3 only)
  • Graphical changes to the XMB (increased font and icon size)
  • The default theme has been changed to an updated version of the ‘Original’ waves theme
  • Added print screen functionality to the [Internet Browser]

Game changes

  • A new feature will be added allowing game developers to display Trophies in different ways, such as grouping them by add-on pack, etc.
  • A [PlayStation Store] icon will be added under the [Game] category.

Media changes

  • A BBC iPlayer application for users in the UK/ROI.
  • A ABC iView application will be added for users in Australia.
  • A [PlayStation Store] icon will be added under the [Video] category (where available).
  • Added the ability to upscale audio stored on the internal or USB hard drive to 88.2KHz or 176.4KHz
Settings changes
  • Support for new [Dynamic Custom Themes].
  • [Install Other OS] and [Default System] will be removed. (120GB PS3 only)
  • An option has been added to the [Settings] menu to allow the user to change what the system displays by default on startup
  • Option to output audio through multiple sources (e.g. HDMI and optical) simulatiously

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