Sony Rebrands Itself, Drops ‘’ And Adopts ‘make.believe’


At IFA 2009, Sony announced ‘make.believe’ (pronounced: make dot believe), as its new Group-wide brand message, replacing ‘’. Symbolizing Sony’s spirit of creativity and innovation, it is the first time Sony has introduced a single overarching brand message for all of its entertainment and electronics businesses around the globe. ‘make.believe’ unites Sony’s communication efforts across electronics, games, movies, music, mobile phones and network services. Sony has stated that ‘Believe’ is the power of inspiration, while ‘make’ is about crafting inspiration into products and experiences for our consumers. The ‘dot’ is the place where they meet.

Last week, CEO/President Howard Stringer announced the ‘make.believe’ slogan and campaigned it internally with a supplementary video, and the reaction has been positive. I feel that this is a good marketing transformation for Sony as they move forward into 2010 with exciting new products and technologies. It’s easy for me to say that Sony’s current offerings are light years beyond what they sold in the past five years, with many products embracing open standards and network connectivity is finally taking center stage. Consumers are now able to believe that they can make anything with Sony products, and not be restricted by closed formats and restrictive DRM.

“As we move to transform Sony and integrate the very best in electronics, entertainment and technology into the homes of our customers, the importance of an all-encompassing and unified brand image is more important than ever,” said Sir Howard Stringer, Chairman, CEO and President, Sony Corporation. “In addition to reigniting the innovative spirit of our employees and our products, make.believe will differentiate us from countless competitors and inspire consumers around the world to embrace all that is Sony. It’s a symbol of the new Sony, a truly united Sony.”

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