Sony To Offer New Stylish PC Headsets

Sony has finally created a series of headsets that I believe are quite stylish, attractive, and could be a big hit in the USA. These will be great options for those of you out there that use VOIP, Skype, MSN, etc. I will admit that Sony’s offerings in the past have been rather lackluster and looked somewhat generic. There has been a need for a more simple headset out there that had some class – I feel like a lot of options from other manufacturers out there are a little too youthful in design, or simply unattractive. The new DR-350USB, DR-320DPV and DR-310DPV PC headsets shown throughout this post will arrive in March. However, the unfortunate thing is these will only be available in select markets for now, starting in the Asia Pacific region.

The DR-350USB (above) is Sony’s new high end USB PC headset available in Black, Gold, and Red. It has a 30mm driver unit in the headset, built-in microphone, and detachable “voice tube” (I think stalk would be more appropriate). One nice feature is microphone muting, which is great for gamers out there who don’t have such features in their current headsets. I can’t tell you how many times in MAG I have had to hear all the noises in someone’s life such as a baby screaming. Oy vey.

The DR-320DPV, sans USB, is supposedly aimed towards PC gamers and music lovers, and has basically the same features as the DR-350USB. However, this version only has a volume control and no mute function. Colors available include Gold, Blue, Red, and Black.

The DR-310DPV is quite chic and features soft colors such as Pink, White, Silver and Green. The microphone is within the headset and it has separate volume control and mute buttons.

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