Sony PS3 Firmware 3.21 Causing Problems?

As reported on the  PS3 forum, and then picked up by Engadget, some individuals appear to be having issues after upgrading their firmware to 3.21. Even in our comments section here, the problems experienced have varied. Issues are ranging from frozen hardware displaying an  8002F14E error, failed upgrades during firmware extraction, to serious issues with game and blu-ray playback.  Other individuals have upgraded without issues. What’s odd is that after pouring through the forum, there isn’t one string that binds everything together, it all appears to be very random symptom wise, except that it predominantly affects models non slim models. During the upgrade of my slim, I noticed the firmware update took quite a bit longer than normal, but I assumed that to be expected given the nature of the change, but perhaps that isn’t the case.  Best advice is if your experiencing issues post your issues to the comments here, or on the PS3 forum that way the data can continue to be captured until the issue is resolved.

No official word has been provided by Sony, but I am confident they are looking into it.

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