Hulu Plus Preview Available Now for PS3


PlayStation Plus subscribers can now download the Hulu Plus application from the PlayStation Store.

Starting today PlayStation Plus subscribers can, after downloading the Hulu Plus application, launch it and request an invitation to the exclusive  preview.


Hulu Plus expands their library by allowing to you view every episode aired from the current season of popular shows like glee, House, Family Guy and The Office. It also adds a  huge library of older shows, movies and documentaries. If accepted PS3 users will be required to pay the $9.99 fee Hulu is charging for access to the enhanced content.

Some would argue that the days of needing a centralized HTPC are going by the way side because of the enhanced functionality consoles are delivering to the living rooms and this is yet another example.  Between movies and television content being delivered on the PlayStation Network, Netflix, and now Hulu Plus, PS3 owners have quite a choice for their media content.

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