New Sony Vegas Pro 10 Simplifies 3D And DSLR Video Content Creation

At the IBC Conference in Amsterdam, Sony Creative Software announced the most recent upgrade to Sony’s nonlinear HD video and audio editing application, Vegas Pro 10. The software application provides broad audio and video support for media ingest, editing and delivery workflows for a wide variety of professional production.

New features in the 32 and 64-bit versions of Vegas Pro 10 include powerful stereoscopic 3D editing tools. Additional features include enhanced closed captioning, broadened video effect support and new event level audio effects, as well as workflow and user interface enhancements. These updates will enable professional media creators to quickly produce and deliver compelling content for broadcast distribution, theatrical releases, YouTube 3D and prepare content for DVD and Blu-ray titles. Vegas Pro 10 should be available around October 11th.

Vegas Pro 10 Feature Highlights:

Stereoscopic 3D Editing: Vegas Pro 10 facilitates the creation of 3D projects by enabling users to import, adjust, edit, preview and export stereoscopic 3D projects with no additional tools or plug-ins. While fully compatible with the latest 3D TV technology, anaglyph viewing is also provided making it possible to preview in 3D on any monitor

Improved Closed Captioning: Improved support for closed captions enables broadcasters to preview captions in the Preview and Trimmer windows for increased accuracy and ease of editing. Other improvements include increased support for line 21 closed captions, HD-SDI closed captions, multiple closed captioning file types as well as the ability to export captions for Sony DVD Architect, YouTube, RealPlayer, QuickTime, and Windows Media Player

Expanded Multicam Functionality: Updated multicam feature provides a more robust editing and preview experience by offering the ability to view the multicam source clips and the full-screen edited program output simultaneously

Improved support for DSLR video: Performance improvements make editing video from popular DSLR cameras faster and easier

Track Grouping: This update offers a quick and easy way to organise and manage complex projects by grouping related sections of video and audio together for a cleaner working environment

Advanced Transport Controls: UI modifications offer more efficient access to important editing tools, providing a more intuitive workflow while improving overall productivity

Image Stabilization: New stabilisation tools greatly reduce jittery or ‘shaky’ video sometimes caused by hand-held recording

Video Plug-in SDK: Video Effects Plug-in Architecture: Vegas Pro 10 now offers completely new video effects plug-in architecture based on the Open Effects Association standard. This open, industry leading standard was created from the combined experience of the leading companies in the visual effects realm. The new architecture is accessed by a software development kit (SDK) which is more powerful and reduces the developer’s workload by automating UI – both of which will benefit editors by expanding greatly the available visual effects for Vegas Pro 10

GPU Accelerated AVC Encoding: Users with CUDA-enabled nVidia video cards are now able to encode to the Sony AVC format with improved rendering performance and speed

Device Support: Sony continues to add expanded device support with each new version including HD-SDI adapters, Sony NXCAM cameras, and broader support for DVD and Blu-ray optical burning drives

Audio Event FX: For more precise control over the placement of audio effects, Vegas Pro 10 allows editors to assign audio effects at the master output, bus level, track level and now the event level for greater flexibility when working with multitrack projects

Input Busses: Input Busses now enable editors to record, mix and monitor audio from external hardware devices

VU meters: The Vegas Pro Mixing Console view becomes even more powerful with the addition of VU metering

Track Meters: Track Meters provide direct feedback and a faster editing workflow throughout the record, edit and mix process

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