Sony Shows Off Prototype Flexible Electronic Paper Display

Every year in Japan, Sony holds a special Dealer Convention that shows off the latest products and a glimpse of what is coming. The event, held this year in Shinagawa, Tokyo, has always been interesting as sometimes reveals products and prototypes that Sony hasn’t even announced yet. While the big focus at this year’s Dealer Convention was 3D products, there was also a small exhibit showing a very exciting development that could one day be used in future Sony Reader devices.

Sony had a never before seen prototype of flexible electronic paper display technology at the 2010 Dealer Convention. Usually, E-paper has used glass substrate in the past but this new technology uses plastic substrate. Glass substrate is heavier and more prone to damage than plastic substrate, which is much lighter and can also be bent. Electronic paper with plastic substrate is also very difficult to break even when you drop it, and can even be rolled up like real paper.

Sony has not mentioned when it will bring this technology to Reader devices, but judging by these highly advanced concepts we imagine it can’t be any longer than a year or two. Can you imagine the compelling new product designs that will result from this technology?

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