Sony Ericsson LiveView Is A Must Have For Every Android Phone

We wanted to take another look at Sony Ericsson LiveView, which is a micro display the company announced several months ago. The low-cost, thin, low weight 1.3 inch color OLED display (128×128) is crisp and can provide information from your Android phone through a bluetooth connection. It recently went on sale in several countries in Europe, and will eventually be available in the coming months around the world. Sony Ericsson is quick to state that its compatible with of course their XPERIA X10, X10 Mini, and X10 Mini Pro phones but it’s also compatible with many other phones running Android 2.0.


With LiveView, you don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket to check up on the usual suspects, such as texts, e-mails, and Facebook/Twitter statuses. Its all available in this tiny display, which has much more functionality than you think. In some ways, its that geeky watch I’ve always been looking for, and the four day battery life is not too shabby especially when it can be recharged very easily via the common MicroUSB cord. Sony Ericsson even knows they have created the ultimate Android accessory, a watch, by including a wrist strap when you buy the device. Cost? Less than $50-75 equivalent in most European countries, so the outlook is good here for a similar price range.

I currently have an iPhone 4, but when I switch over to Android (the PSP Phone) this will be a must have.

The features are great and keep expanding. Here’s an idea:

Music player control

  • Play, pause, next, previous track and volume adjustment
  • Track title display
  • Social Networking Services

  • Display Facebook™ updates
  • Display Twitter™ updates
  • Messaging/Web

  • Display incoming texts
  • Display RSS feeds
  • Calls

  • Show phone number for incoming calls
  • Mute ringer for incoming phone calls
  • List of missed calls
  • Other

  • Calendar reminders
  • Find your phone
  • Display time and date
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    What’s really neat is Sony Ericsson is not letting this turn out to be a one-trick pony, as there will be more apps for the device in the future. Finding LiveView-enabled apps will also be a breeze, according to the official press release:

    To find Sony Ericsson LiveView enabled applications, Sony Ericsson has developed the Sony Ericsson LiveWare Manager application. It will scan Android Market for Sony Ericsson LiveView enabled applications and present them to the user. The Sony Ericsson LiveWare manager will be available from Android Market, or come preinstalled in phone bundles.

    Sony Ericsson UK has a brief LiveView compatibility list (which is in no way complete, just merely an example):

    • Samsung Galaxy S
    • Samsung Galaxy S 2.1
    • HTC Desire
    • HTC Desire 2.2
    • HTC Desire Z 2.2
    • HTC Nexus One 2.2
    • HTC Wildfire 2.1
    • Motorola Milestone 2.0.1
    • Motorola Milestone XT720

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