Engadget Gushes On Sony Tablet Computer

Engadget has leaked information from “trusted resources” about a $599 (Wi-Fi only) Sony tablet computer due in September. The device is a lovechild from several product groups, meaning it will not be specifically VAIO branded. The most obvious aspect of the product is a radical ergonomic “wrap” design optimized for comfort.

As for the design, the front of the tablet is rumored to be a high-gloss black bezel that surrounds the display. The rear is a matte-silver color with some texture near to enhance the grip. Premium materials all around.

The potential specifications are outstanding, and include a Tegra 2 processor that powers Android (Honeycomb) on a 9.4 inch (1280×900) capacitive touchscreen. Front and rear cameras are apparently on board, as well as a regular USB port. There will be few buttons, such as volume on/off and possibly a Q button to quickly access Qriocity services. Qriocity will be front and center in the device, which will allow consumers to purchase a variety of media. The UI rivals and/or improves upon the iPad experience.

There’s also word of an integrated IR port so you can control your TV (even non-Sony models). This will mesh nicely with the existing Android programs that already allow you to control Sony home entertainment products over Wi-Fi.

Engadget reports the tablet is also Playstation Certified, which probably means it will run PlayStation 1 games.

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