Sony’s 2011 3D TV Glasses

Lets take a look at Sony’s new active shutter 3D glasses for their 2011 range of BRAVIA TV’s. There are two models: TDG-BR200 (large/adult) and the TDG-BR250 (small/child) differ only by size. Both series come in black and white.

With a new design, the glasses are more lightweight and have a less bulky appearance without sacrificing the ability to block out ambient room light. Despite the thinner look, these latest 3D active shutter glasses are durable, unless your chucking them around in an argument.

Definitely one of the best designs on the market.

The new shades have a standard micro USB port. The battery is rechargeable and boasts a very quick recharge time. 3 hours after just 3 minutes of charging. 30 hours use on a 45 minute full charge. Not too shabby!

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