VAIO E Series Gets a Bigger Screen & a Spec Bump

If you have not yet been confused with VAIO model naming scheme, here is a new one for you – VAIO EC. Just a few weeks ago Sony let out their colorful VAIO EB notebook, another one pops up but with just 2 color options for now, no more rainbow joy there. But a customer can find their joy in the specs: VAIO EB sports a 17.3 incc 16:9 wide, scratch resistant HD LCD display to play your latest Blu-ray flicks; speed through multiple tasks using the might of new Intel® Core™i3 or i5 Processor and up to 6 Gigs of RAM and up to 1 TB of space.

You will also see an eSATA integration as well as 4 USB slots, though we were disappointed to notice that USB specs are still at 2.0 version, kinda old you know. ATI will power your graphics. The track pad is a multi-touch one where you can use your fingertips to scroll, flick and zoom.

All in all, it really has a look of VAIO F series design, pretty much a mix of all F series flavors from FS to FW. Sony come on, you can do much better there, we expect you to awe us this year with something really cool, but if you feel like you are burning out, just take a spring break in Hawaii, refresh your team of engineers and designers minds with some sun and get back to creating and inventing!

See more info at Sony UK site, I am sure SonyStyle USA will follow up with an announcement soon.

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