52″ Sony BRAVIA XBR10 Series HDTV Bows Out Of USA


I’m surprised to announce that only after a few months of being on the market, the super thin 52″ Sony BRAVIA XBR10 (aka in Japan as the Sony BRAVIA ZX5) with wireless HD capability is no longer for general availability in the USA. While a few models are left at various brick and mortar SonyStyle stores, the official SonyStyle USA website states, “No longer available for purchase at Sony Style.” We tapped our contacts at SonyStyle who confirmed this information and stated that it was a “limited production model.” Limited production? We’re surprised at that statement, since the TV was not announced as such.

Fortunately, the 46″ XBR10 is still for sale at SonyStyle and will probably continue to be available through the holidays. But for how long? This sure seems like Sony is clearing the slate for some new BRAVIAs (e.g. XBR11, XBR12), which Sony has stated before they will bring to the market by February.

I’m not surprised that the 52″ model is being phased out, though. Sony has been slipping hard in the USA with their TV sales, falling victim to extraordinary prices, too varied of a lineup (XBR7, XBR8, XBR9, XBR10 are all for sale simultaneously), and consumers being manipulated by the phrase “LED TV.” Last time I looked Sony were tied in a distant fourth place with Toshiba, which placed them far behind Samsung, Vizio, and LG. Consumers may also be confused with the XBR9 and XBR10 line (LCD with edge-lit LCD), which many online have found inferior to the XBR8, which is a LCD with RGB backlit LED.


I still think the XBR10/ZX5 was a true marvel in Sony technology; perhaps ahead of its time (or just simply misplaced for sale in a struggling economy) with its high price, incredible design and wireless 1080P capability.

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