Sony To Release FVA-U1 USB-Based Mofiria Finger Vein Authentication Device


Sony Japan has announced they are bringing a device based on Mofiria technology to the market on December 18th. The USB-based FVA-U1 is a tamper resistant authentication device, similar to a fingerprint scanner, except it scans the veins in your fingers. Compared to the other biometric authentication techniques, vein authentication technology achieves higher accuracy on personal identification and forgery resistance because it uses the veins inside the human body. Finger vein patterns differ from person to person, each finger to finger, and it is said that they do not change over the years. Mofiria technology uses a unique method where a CMOS sensor diagonally captures scattered light inside the finger veins. The vein pattern is quickly and accurately extracted from the captured finger vein image without a fixed finger position – ensuring it will be very easy to scan your finger vein pattern. Sony will also be providing a SDK for Mofiria technology, and has stated this is network compatible.


Sony hopes to attract businesses where security is key, hospitals, universities and information security specialists with this new product offering. The Y30,000 FVA-U1 will come with a special case, USB cable, guide, instruction manual, and warranty. Sony has also launched a new Mofiria website.


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