Sony NSX-46GT1 Internet TV Will Debut on October 12

Have you been wondering when you finally get to witness Sony’s entrance into Internet with the big boys like Google and Intel integrated in its TV’s hardware? Sony has been sending out invites to press informing about the event taking place in NYC on October 12. It’s interesting to note, that Sony has been showing off the hardware and what the TV will look like since early May, however the platform and interface have not been fully revealed to the public. Recently Engadget reported that BestBuy at its event of holiday line up of products, sort of debuted this TV a little bit too early, but again all the details about its user interface were still scarce. As you can tell by looking at the pictures below, this TV is a totally different beast and we have not noticed any BRAVIA branding. The NSX-XXGT1 (expect a few flavors of sizes foe this TV as in 24, 32, 40 and 46 inches) will be powered by Intel’s Atom processor  which is hoping to lessen its dependence on personal computers and serve as the brains of the smart TVs. I wonder what happened to the idea of Cell integration in Sony’s TV and other networked products? Is it simply too powerful and won’t be utilized to its full potential? Looks like Cell co-developer Toshiba is taking it to their TV production.

Anyways, the big push in this Sony’s TV is its Android powered interface with amazing search capabilities, picture-in-picture feature and supposedly viewers can also make search requests by speaking into a remote that will also run on Google’s Android operating system. Expect to see Chrome browser on that Sony TV as well. Sony is inviting developers to start creating more content related apps for this product. Sony also recently launched a new site devoted to this new TV technology: http://discover.sonystyle.com/internettv/

I guess we have less than two weeks to learn what this TV is all about, but for now my Sony Bravia XBR-HX909 and Qualia 005 are powered by VAIO VGX-TP20 that has an array of browsers installed, so I look forward to be impressed. Sony Internet TV should be available in other regions in 2011. Also if you don’t want to splurge on a new TV, Sony will be selling Internet TV box/Bluray player NSZ-GT1 that will bring Google TV experience into your current Bravia or whatever brand you got.

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