Closer Look at the Sony Google TV Interface

As the grand opening of a new Internet era floods your living room, even with more content is about to be unleashed into the masses. Google teases us more and shows off some more deets you can expect to see in the upcoming Sony Google TV (which will be available in several sizes as in 24, 32, 40 and 46 inch measured diagonally).

Check out this Google painted site and see how convenient and ubiquitous searching for content, interfacing with your Twitter and any other social media has become. What even more is as you are used to those apps on your phone, developers are now invited to create those for your new Google TV.

Judging just by preliminary demos Sony Internet TV and its grandfather Bravia Internet Link will most likely go away and will be replaced by Google TV interface and pretty much be implemented into every Bravia set. The NSX-40GT1 is just the beginning and a jump start in a new TV online experience extravaganza.

Check out the ABC report aired today that shares some glimpses of the upcoming Sony Google TV as well as the remote with full QWERTY keyboard. We did not notice the usual Sony’s award winning XMB interface on that TV either…October 12 is not too far away and currently Sony Electronics is running a contest giving you a chance to win Sony Google TV, check out the rules and give it a try!

YouTube link to Diane Sawyer Report on Google TV.

Engadget post and video about the new Sony remote:

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