Affordable Sony VAIO Y series

Another model was unleashed at Sony’s booth on the CES floor is VAIO Y series. As you may remember Sony introduced this model earlier however it had a 13.3″ LCD; this time around VAIO engineers decided to shrink its LCD LED backlit display to 11.6 inches preserving however its high brightness levels and clear, crisp picture quality. Backed by the new AMD® E Series processor and up to 4GB of RAM, this PC is powerful enough for the demands of daily basic computing yet portable enough for the frequent traveler.

An HDMI output will enable you to connect this notebook to a bigger LCD HD and you can pretty much use it to browse websites, check your facebook and tweet from your coach.

It’s a pretty affordable, low end notebook will be a good companion to any student or someone who wants to have a smaller form factor notebook for blogging and looking up information online.

Expect VAIO Y series to ship in February for about $550.

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