The New All in One VAIO L Touch HD PC/TV

Today Sony released all new and redesigned VAIO L (it’s about time!). The new Sony VAIO® L Series Touch HD PC/TV features a stunning 24-inch multi-touch screen enabling intuitive touch access to the internet, TV, Blu-ray Disc™ movies and more. An interesting innovation, unique to the L series expands the touch functions to the LCD bezel itself featuring edge Access technology. With the help of this technology a user will be able to access every day short cuts enabling to quickly start up a desired program, flip through the web pages by swiping fingers on the bottom of the LCD bezel, zoom by touching the black glass sections along the edge of the VAIO L, close window, etc.
This new all-in-one will also feature a full HD LED backlight display panel, instant on functionality, an HD webcam, and white will be one of its available colors.
New VAIO L would be a perfect companion for your small bedroom or kitchen and can be used as a television set as well as a DVR. Select VAIO L models will sport a built-in TV tuner and Blu-ray Disc playback as well as recording capabilities. Like previous models, an HDMI out is included if you wish to expand your viewing experience by connecting it to a larger TV. With its HDMI in connection, you can pair it up with PS3 to enjoy gaming.
Unfortunately this first generation VAIO L is not a 3D PC, however expect Sony introduce that feature later in the year.
It is definitely a very stylish PC designed to easily blend with your home decor, the VAIO L Touch PC features a sleek V-shape stand and is wall-mountable for a slick, space-saving computing experience. It also comes with a stylish wireless keyboard and wireless mouse letting you work freely without cords, and optional keyboard skins in eye-catching colors.
It will be available for pre-orders and cost you around $1200. Watch out for hands on experience in our follow up posts.

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