PSP®go Phase Out

Most of you have probably heard by now that Sony’s UMD-less PSP is facing a doomed future and it has been reported by Engadget that its production will slowly come to its end pretty soon. The signs of its demise have been out there with recent price reductions, however Sony Electronics in the US is claiming that it is not being discontinued which they also never acknowledged when we reported that Sony Rolly has had a similar fate, but at the end disappeared like other almost successful gadgets.

The place of PSP®go on market has become questionable after introduction of Sony Ericsson Xperia Play – PlayStation branded phone that got its familiar looks from its older PSP®go sibling. And of course the forthcoming NGP is definitely something to consider and is a huge player in this portable gaming world.

Grab one or wait for phenomenal breaks in price, it’s a neat system, especially when it is paired with Dual Shock Controller via bluetooth, makes gaming definitely fun.

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