CES 2011 Day One Round Up

With much excitement and totally being overwhelmed here at CES 2011, we wanted to thank you all who checked out our today’s posts during Sony’s Press Conference. Being here at the Sony booth (I am not even sure why they call it a booth, because it is a humongous Sony infused area) is simply mesmerizing and at the same time amazing to be among the first to experience and have hands on experience with products that will be hitting the store shelves later in the year. We will do our best to bring some unique information about the new products, provide you with video footage as well as supplement with interesting interviews and dialogues we will be involved in while being here on the floor.

If you have missed our first array of posts, feel free to check out  the links below and explore all the juicy information within each post. We will be updating our posts with photo libraries, so check them out soon for high resolution images.

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